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which are as you can see on a different plane:

See and imagine different places, planes, sections, levels, or what have you:

More about combining Wunderkammern of Knowledge and "Cosmologies" can be found here. See it as a place for entering - step by step - into "deeper realms"; starting with maps and proceeding with models. If you dare & want to jump, please go here: where you might look for cognitive spaces, cognitive panorama, knowledge space-scapes,... or other terms like multiperspectivism, and how to bring life and action to shared worlds of the given and created into many additional common frames of reference, like an Embodied Covenant. If you dare to follow our embodied thinking, then you might enjoy to follow "paradigms" as ways of thinking and a map of paradigms, call it a meta-paradigm for global and shared work-spaces of the mind.

You may wonder: why all this trouble and "constructions"? The answer is, that the author is tired of the postmodern, de-constructed "radical"- constructivists with their subjective turfs in "sweet-isolation". Instead, we want to underline, build on and expand "commons" - with a clear value base, and we want to tackle what was called the Problematique. Please see more links to be added a.s.a.p.

You can call what we create here "concrete imaginary space-scapes", or "negotiation or mediation spaces". Spaces to provide tangible referents and neigbourhoods to positions, subjects, or fields - which can help us start conversations about issues or possible "commons". And this is why you may actually also perceive this as bringing forward the very much needed new, enhanced dialog and decision culture; part of re-inventing democracy; see also World Futures.

Heiner Benking